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top 10 challenge: 10 shows // parks and recreation
pawnee: first in friendship, fourth in obesity.

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I’m spending my weekend painting my bedroom. Painting is always so much harder and more time consuming than you think it’s going to be. I put in about 9 hours of work today, and probably have a full day ahead of me tomorrow too. I’m aching all over, but it’s looking great so far!!


you and Leslie like to hold and hands and jump off of cliffs together.

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 #remember when sookie was played by a fat actress and there were literally no jokes about her weight on the show? #remember how she wasn’t defined by her weight? #remember how she got to date and get married and have kids and not be just the token funny fat friend of the main character? #remember when she ~got her life together and was happy before lorelai and that wasn’t seen as threatening?

remember how her insecurities (which she did have, because doesn’t everyone?) had nothing to do with her appearance and were more about her artistic failures, her ability to be a mom, her “annoying quirks” she thought Jackson would get tired of?

remember how even though she was often clumsy forgetful and disorganized she was still portrayed as a competent adult? remember how her decision to get married and have kids didn’t diminish her career as a master chef and entrepreneur? remember how she was a bubbly and funny supporting character without being shallow or unintelligent?

Yes yes yes a thousand times yes

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send me an age and ill tell you what i would have been blogging about when i was that old


It will no doubt be mortifying, but do it!

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ben and leslie do halloween.


ben and leslie do halloween.

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I’m upset about Legend of Korra getting pulled from Nickelodeon. At least there’s an episode on tomorrow night, but I was planning on two episodes! Actually, it will probably end up working out just fine with the rest of Book 3 online, but I really hope this doesn’t cause a delay in getting the rest of the episodes!

Favourite Parks and Recreation Episodes:

↳ Season 4 Episode 7: The Treaty

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All of Leslie’s compliments to Ann

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